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February 21, 2024
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Radiation Safety - Practical Applications
Hosted by Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP)

This 2-day radiation safety course is designed for environmental professionals who may be involved in the investigation, assessment, and evaluation of radiologically contaminated sites. This course is intended for environmental professionals who require the skills necessary to detect the presence of radioactive materials and perform radiation and contamination surveys to evaluate and control the radiological hazards.

The course emphasizes the hands-on use of radiation detection instruments to control personal safety and characterize the nature and extent of radioactive contamination.  Participants will gain hands-on experience with radiation detection instruments, and be trained on the basic principles of radiological controls.

In addition, this course provides training on EPA guidance to experienced environmental professionals who may be responsible for regulatory compliance to protect site workers and the public, and who may have to assess and evaluate site radiological conditions. EPA’s radiation response resources will also be discussed.

Participants who attend this course are expected to have a basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of radiation safety. Participants needing a basic knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of radiation safety will benefit from attending the “Radiation Safety - Overview For Environmental Professionals” course prior to attending this course. Participants are encouraged to request both courses when registering.

Topics that are discussed include practical applications of radiation detection instruments; methods for controlling radiation exposure; guidance on contamination control and simple decontamination; guidance on regulatory requirements; and EPA’s radiation response resources.

Instructional methods include lectures, class discussions, demonstrations, and exercises that combine the use of hands-on equipment with practical applications.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Detect the presence of radioactive materials while performing investigations at hazardous waste sites.
  • Implement methods for control of radiation exposure and contamination.
  • Discuss methods for simple radioactive decontamination.
  • Identify regulations, consensus standards, and guidance that pertain to EPA personnel engaged in radiological field work.
  • Identify EPA radiation response resources.

Participants should be prepared to don and doff anti-contamination clothing such as coveralls, hoods, boots, and gloves. Respirators will not be worn.

The successful completion of an examination must be demonstrated by the student attaining a score of 80 percent or higher.

In compliance with Executive Order 13589 - Promoting Efficient Spending, Section 5; the ERTP will not be regularly printing or providing students hard copies of the course manual. Students may obtain an electronic copy of the student manual for personal printing or e-reading at

Continuing Education Units:    1.2

ABIH (American Board of Industrial Hygienists) has previously awarded CM (Certification Maintenance) credit for this event.  The current event contains 12 hours which can be claimed for ABIH for CM credit.

This course requires three rooms.  This course has a large amount of equipment that will be shipped.

*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

IMPORTANT NOTICES – Applicable to all ERTP courses :

  1. ERTP’s receipt of a Trainex course registration is a Registration Request, it is not a Guaranteed Enrollment in the Course. All ERTP training courses require applicant registration thru the Trainex system. Last minute course arrivals without prior ERTP Trainex course registration approval is not permitted. Before ERTP issues final approval to deliver any course and/or any EPA offices incurring expenses for the training event (including but not limited to EPA staff travel TA’s and/or ERTP training contractor expenses incurred), all EPA mandatory pre-approvals must all be met. The pre-approvals include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Training location’s availability;
    • COVID status and/or other COVID Guidelines in effect for the location, as well as staff;
    • Agency limitations, scrutiny, and approvals of ‘Conference Spending Requirements (known as the “5170”)’ for the specific training course(s) scheduled delivery timeframe;
    • Weather (blizzard, hurricane, etc);
    • Contractual number of available course training slots;
    • EPA training location staff having priority registration over all other registrations; and/or
    • Hosting site Training Coordinator approval.

    In the event a course is subsequently postponed or canceled, or notification of registration cancellation is received, all EPA travel arrangements (airline/car rental/hotel) should be canceled in a timely manner. Registered students will receive a notification via email if/when a course is postponed and/or cancelled.
  2. For in-person course deliveries, confirmed course registered participants must abide by all facility physical access requirements for the location (examples: check-in at the security gate, Federal ID, Government PIV/CAC cards, photo id’s, etc.). If applicable for the course or location, restrictions may apply to non-citizens and acceptable identification may be required for facility entry.
For general information contact Registrar by telephone at 513-251-7669 or via e-mail at

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