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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a student profile to register for a class?
The concept of student profiles is for our mutual convenience. Having all of your registrations stored under one profile (or account, if you will) allows both of us to see what courses you've taken without having to dig through a mountain of records. Also, each time that you come back to register for a course, you won't have to enter the same name and address information every time. On Trainex we list many courses offered by several different training partners. The registrations for many of these courses are handled externally, but some are actually handled by Trainex internally. For example, CERCLA Education Center (CEC) courses and Community Involvement University (CIU) courses are handled internally by Trainex, as are many of the 'Other EPA Courses.' If you have ever registered for a course offered by one of these partners on Trainex (or in some cases even before Trainex was available) you will have a profile stored in our system that contains all the contact information we have on file for you. You may change and update this information here by editing your profile. Environmental Response Training Program (ERTP), National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI), and other courses such as the internet seminars are all handled by an external partner and you would have to refer to the contact information for those courses to change the contact information you have on file with those partners. You can see a list of training by partner by clicking here. In any case, you will be notified at registration if an external organization is handling the class.

What will you do with the data in my student profile?

Relax, your information is safe with us. We won't sell/rent/give your information to a third party or marketer. Your information will be used the track enrollment levels for classes (overall, by locations, times of the year, etc), to send you information about a course that you have registered for, inform you of any changes to the status of the course and other similar purposes. If you have any questions or concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. If you still have questions, please contact us.

Why do I use my student profile to register for some classes, but not others?
For classes which are handled by Trainex, you will use your Student Profile to register. For classes that are handled by some of our partners and third parties, you will be given a link to whatever system for registration that they have. Please note that in such a case, any information submitted to them will be subject to that website's privacy policy. While we are selective in who is represented on our website, it's always best to review a website's privacy policy before providing them with information.

I took a class, but it isn't on my transcript. Why?
There are several possible reasons for this. If you took a class through one of our partners and did not register on the Training Exchange website, your registration was handled by them, and we have no record that you took the course. We are in the process of assessing the benefits of combining data with our partners, so this maybe be resolved in the future.

The website gave me an error with a lot of technical mumbo-gumbo. What should I do with it?

If you should encounter an error while browsing our website or trying to register for a class, we want to know about it! Please give us as much detail as possible (preferably cut and paste any error message(s) that you receive) along with a description of what you were trying to do to, or use the Contact Us page.

I found a class in the course catalog, but it's not being offered. Can I still take it?

Maybe, but it could be that the course has been replaced by another course with a similar name, or merged with another course for a larger, combined offering. You can request training courses to be held in your area, or contact us for more information.

I registered for a class but now how have a schedule conflict? How do I cancel my registration?
Easy! On the left-hand side of every page is a link to view "Current Registrations". After you login, you can view all current registrations and cancel any that you aren't able to attend. Cancelling a registration allows anyone that may be on a wait-list to attend if you are not able to. This also prevents your attendance in the class being recorded as a "No Show."

How do I register for a class?
To register for a class, simply locate it using one of the "Browse by..." options on the left-hand side of each page. Once you select the offering you wish to register for, click on the "Register" button . Then you will be asked for your e-mail address. If we have you in our records, you will be taken to a confirmation page, which may request additional information specific to the class being offered. If you are not in our system, you will need to create a student profile. The information you provide will allow us to contact you regarding your registration and provide information you will need to attend the class. Remember to review our privacy policy if you have any questions about the use of your information.

What's RSS and why should I care?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a free service that automatically sends information about new web content. RSS saves users from having to repeatedly visit favorite Web sites to check for new content or be notified of updates via email. Trainex uses RSS to transmit headlines which link back to Trainex for content on this web site.

To receive RSS feeds, you need a program known as a feed reader or aggregator that can automatically check RSS-enabled webpages that you select, and then display any updated information that it finds. There are numerous feed readers available, including many which are free of charge. Most are simply desktop programs that you download and install on your computer. There are also Web-based feed readers that require no software installation and make the "feeds" available on any computer with Web access. Once the news reader program is set up, you are ready to subscribe to the RSS content feeds you want.

Harvard's Berkman Center for the Internet & Society has a list of news readers available. You may also search using the terms “RSS readers” on either Yahoo, Google or your favorite search engine

To receive the Trainex RSS feed, copy the address below into your feed reader or aggregator:

For additional information on RSS, please visit one of the numerous sites that provide more detailed information on the subject, such as Wikipedia. We welcome any feedback you may have on this service.

Why doesn't it say how much the course costs? Can't I see that before I register?
The vast majority of courses listed on Trainex are free of charge. The few that do have a cost associated with it typically have the cost listed in the course description. For a course that does have a fee associated with it, payment for that fee will have to be worked out with the organization sponsoring the training. This website has no facility to accept payment.

There are a lot of acronyms used here. What do they mean?
There are several lists of acronyms and their definitions. Trainex hosts a training specific list while EPA hosts a Terms of the Environment page.

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