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April 17, 2014
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Superfund 101
Offered by U.S. EPA
Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation

Superfund 101 consists of two introductory-level courses: Fundamentals of Superfund and Enforcement Process Overview. The target audience for each course is On-Scene Coordinators (OSC) and Remedial Project Managers (RPM).

Fundamentals of Superfund, a 3-day introductory training course, provides an overview of the purpose, legal framework and implementation of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) for newly hired OSCs and RPMs. By taking the course, participants will achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the evolution of the Superfund program. The course explores the origin, accomplishments and future of the Superfund program.
  • Understand the statutory and regulatory basis for the authorities of OSCs and RPMs. The course provides an overview of the roles of the OSC and RPM as they are defined in laws, regulations, policy and guidance, including a comparison of authorities and liabilities.
  • Learn about the three types of response activities defined under CERCLA. The course discusses the components of the removal, remedial and enforcement programs and the major responsibilities of OSCs and RPMs in their work on Superfund responses, site cleanups and enforcement activities.

Enforcement Process Overview, a 2-day course, provides an overview of the EPA’s Superfund enforcement process for OSCs and RPMs. By taking the course, participants will achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn about the goals, priorities, and actions of the Superfund enforcement program. The course provides an introduction to response actions and enforcement authorities under Superfund; illustrates the relationship between major enforcement actions and remedial and removal actions; defines Superfund enforcement goals and principles; identifies objectives of Superfund enforcement reforms; and highlights current enforcement priorities of the EPA.
  • Understand the EPA’s fundamental principles and policies related to enforcement, the four types of potentially responsible parties (PRP), common defenses against liability and other enforcement policies. The course examines the four classes of PRPs, identifies PRP’s defenses and exemptions to liabilities, and identifies major enforcement discretionary policies.
  • Understand the Superfund enforcement process and the roles of states, tribes, Federal agencies and communities in the enforcement process. The course examines and applies EPA’s cost recovery strategy and discretionary enforcement policies, as well as the roles of administrative and judicial law in the enforcement process.
  • Develop their ability to use the tools available to encourage settlements. Participants will learn about the various types of enforcement tools, such as alternative dispute resolution, that are used in the settlement process.

Superfund 101 is mandatory for OSCs and RPMs to meet the inspector training requirements set forth under EPA Order 3500.1. The target audience is OSCs and RPMs as well as other programmatic and field support staff (i.e., enforcement personnel, HQ regional coordinators, Special Team members). THIS COURSE IS NOT OPEN TO CONTRACTORS. In addition, the Superfund 101 course is a prerequisite for EPA employees who would like to attend the Removal and Remedial Process courses.

*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

Contact information for this course: Joseph Gawarzewski (Tetra Tech, Inc.) by telephone at 302-283-2290 or via e-mail at

More information on this course is available, click here This link opens in a new window.

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Bullet  Chicago, IL
  October 06, 2014 - October 10, 2014

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