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Get CPSWQ Certified
Course ID: HYD-505
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

NWETC invites you to participate in a rare opportunity to become certified CPSWQ or CPESC in Seattle. The review courses are offered to prepare you for the CPSWQ exam, CPESC exam, or both. Go to to learn more about the benefits of having these national certifications. Note that these certifications require an application and board approval process that must be complete prior to exam day. You MUST submit your CPSWQ or CPESC application prior to February 25th to meet the deadline.

Anyone interested in becoming a Certified Professional in Storm Water Quality (CPSWQ) or a Certified Professional in Erosion Sediment Control (CPESC) may sit for the exam with or without taking the review course, but the review course is strongly recommended. Pre-order the course study guide directly from CPESC,LLC or CPSWQ, LLC and review it prior to attending to courses to improve your odds of passing the exam.

List of Frequestly Asked Questions:
What are the Benefits of becoming a CPSWQ?

* Enhance your professional credibility
* Promote public awareness of the storm water quality profession
* Have greater influence on policy decisions affecting technial and professional issues
* Gain access to unique sources of information and educational opportunities
* Improve your career opportunities by making more professional contacts

From our local instructor’s perspective, this certification would set you apart from the competition (there are only 7 CPSWQs in Washington State); it gives civil engineer PE’s a way to communicate their specialization in stormwater quality; and it gives scientists and other non-PE’s credentials that are similar to having a PE. Unlike the PE license, the CPSWQ applies nationally.
You can learn more about the background of the CPSWQ Certification in the following link

What are the benefits of becoming a CPESC?
The web site has a very similar answer as shown for the CPSWQ.
From our local instructor’s perspective, this certification would set you apart from those who have the Ecology’s CESCL because this certification is much more than a simple card showing that you attended a three day class once every three years. Like a professional engineering license this CPESC certification requires that you meet the specific experience and demonstrated knowledge in the field. Once you have the certification, there are specific continuing education requirements for annual renewal. As we state in the course ad, CPESC holders are recognized professionals and are exempt from also needing the CESCL. This certification would set you apart from the competition: there are currently 55 CPESC’s in Washington State.
Register Online for CPSWQ: CPSWQ $395/$350* with exam, exam only $195/$150* For general information contact Eldan Goldenberg by telephone at 206-762-1976 or via e-mail at

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