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May 22, 2024
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Principles of Scientific Sampling for Environmental Professionals Study Design, Data Reporting and the Appropriate Use of Statistics to Support Conclusions
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

This course provides an overview that will cover the basic terms, concepts, and logic that underlie modern scientific sampling. Much of the class will be devoted to the understanding of how to apply the basic concepts of probability to sampling problems and how to use probability to measure the effectiveness of the sampling process. We will compare the difference between purposive and random sampling and discuss why random sampling (and its many variations) is so frequently used in manufacturing, science, and government. This class will emphasize written communication, in the style of a scientific report, as an essential part of the scientific sampling process. The course is intended for environmental professionals with a limited statistical background that must use scientific sampling to describe natural phenomena or who must use sampling to make management recommendations.

Tuition: $595 (*$495 reduced tuition available for Native American tribes; government employees; nonprofits; students; and NAEP, NEBC, T AEP members). For general information contact Kristine Robson by telephone at 206-762-1976 (Fax: 206-762-1979) or via e-mail at

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