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May 30, 2024
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Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism
Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Toxic Industrial Materials
Hosted by 94th Civil Support Team Weapons of Mass Destruction Division in coordination with ATSDR and the American College of Medical Toxicology

Most first responders have been trained to recognize and respond to attacks involving traditional “warfare” chemicals, but these are often not the most likely agents that could be used by terrorists. Common and unusual industrial chemicals may pose just as much of a threat. This course provides awareness-level training for a variety of toxic syndromes likely to be encountered following exposures to "chemical agents of opportunity." The ACMT faculty members are board certified and fellowship trained physician medical toxico ...  [click for more]

For general information contact Libby Vianu by telephone at 415-947-4319 or via e-mail at

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Bullet  Tumon, GU
  July 18, 2008 - July 18, 2008
Bullet  Tumon, GU
  July 17, 2008 - July 17, 2008
Bullet  Oakland, CA
  December 18, 2007 - December 18, 2007
Bullet  Edison, NJ
  June 5, 2007 - June 5, 2007
Bullet  Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
  April 24, 2007 - April 24, 2007
Bullet  Santa Ana, CA
  November 15, 2006 - November 15, 2006
Bullet  Cincinnati, OH
  October 18, 2006 - October 18, 2006
Bullet  Albany, NY
  October 17, 2006 - October 17, 2006
Bullet  Omaha, NE
  May 6, 2006 - May 6, 2006
Bullet  Monterey, CA
  May 5, 2006 - May 6, 2006
Bullet  San Francisco, CA
  May 4, 2006 - May 4, 2006
Bullet  San Francisco, CA
  November 17, 2005 - November 17, 2005
Bullet  Arlington, VA
  October 28, 2003 - October 28, 2003
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