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April 24, 2024
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Alternative Covers for Landfills: Theory, Design, and Practice
Hosted by U.S. EPA and TX Commission on Environmental Quality

This 3 day workshop is intended to teach consultants and engineers how to design and submit quality proposals for ET covers, and to teach regulators how to evaluate those proposals.

Participants will learn the hydraulic properties of these covers, how to optimize designs with models, and how to ensure that the final product is environmentally protective.

Topics will include alternative cover design, construction, operation, and monitoring, including discussions of regulatory issues, soil physics, plant-soil-water relations, hydraulic balance, saturated/unsaturated water movement, and computer modeling. Regional case studies will be emphasized. Results and lessons learned from the USEPA Alternative Covers Assessment Program (ACAP) will be highlighted.

Craig Benson, Ph.D., P.E. - University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bill Albright, Ph.D. - Desert Research Institute
Steve Rock - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Richard Carmichael - Texas Department of Environmental Quality

Who Should Attend?
Site owners, consulting engineers, regulators, and scientists involved in design, permitting, operation, and monitoring of landfill and waste containment systems.

Continuing education credits will be offered.

The course fee is $350. The course fee includes a workbook with the complete set of course notes and a flash drive with course slides, modeling software, and case study data.

Local, state, federal government and University employees: $100

Student scholarships are available.

Pre-registration is encouraged- registration during the week prior and at the door will be available for an additional $50.

There will be limited space available for participants to bring posters of academic interest, case studies, and equipment. Commercial booth space is also available. For general information contact Steve Rock by telephone at 513-569-7149 or via e-mail at

More information on this event is available, click here This link opens in a new window.

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