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June 168, 2024
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RCRA Corrective Action

The National RCRA Corrective Action Training Curriculum

This web site represents the initial step in developing a national RCRA Corrective Action Curriculum. It contains training for new and experienced federal and state Corrective Action (CA) project managers. This training can help equip CA project managers with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the 2008 Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) goals, as well as the 2020 RCRA Vision goals, for corrective action. Visit the website at

RCRA Corrective Action Presentations

Select the presentation and format that you wish to view. If you would like to download a file and save it to your computer, simply right-click your mouse on the link and select "Save Target As..." from the menu. If order to view PDF files, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if not already installed. After viewing a presentation, click the Back button in your browser to return.

The Need for Good/Frequent Communication, Respect and Trust for Implementing a Successful RCRA Corrective Action Project
James K. Moore, P.E., Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Download: PowerPoint (272K/PPT) | PDF Format (262K/PDF)

Facility Lead Corrective Action Approaches
Jennifer Shoemaker, U.S. EPA Region 3
Download: PowerPoint (607K/PPT) | PDF Format (375K/PDF)

Facility Lead Corrective Action Approaches - Flexible Risk-Based / Performance-Based Cleanups using the Region 6 Corrective Action Strategy
Rick Ehrhart, U.S. EPA Region 6
Download: PowerPoint (3.1 MB/PPT) | PDF Format (648K/PDF)

The Use of Institutional Controls Under the RCRA Corrective Action Program
Bill Hagel, TetraTech EMI
Download: PowerPoint (425K/PPT) | PDF Format (382K/PDF)

Corrective Action Streamlined Consent Orders
Deb Goldblum, U.S. EPA Region 3, Bob Greaves U.S. EPA Region 3, Tom Krueger U.S. EPA Region 5
Download: PowerPoint (404K/PPT) | PDF Format (775K/PDF)

Corrective Action Tailored Oversight
Ernest Waterman, U.S. EPA Region 1
Download: PowerPoint (286K/PPT) | PDF Format (310K/PDF)

Targeted Data Collection
Lael Butler, U.S. EPA Region 4, Dave Reisman, U.S. EPA - National Risk Management Research Lab
Download: PowerPoint (8.1MB/PPT) | PDF Format (641K/PDF)

You may also wish to visit the Corrective Action trainings listed in the Individual Development Plans on the ERTPVU website at and EPA-State Calls/RCRA IDP-ERTPVU.xlsx.


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