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Response Contracts Basics
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Technology Innovation Program


OSC Readiness Training Program presents: Response Contracts Basics is for members of the Response Support Corps (RSC) and new On-Scene Coordinators (OSC) who have not yet received other contracts training and who may be mobilized to support the response to a major incident or an incident of national significance. The objective of the seminar is to provide participants with basic information about various response contracts. Participants will review: (1) the capabilities and scopes of work for the response contracts, (2) how contractor costs are documented, (3) the type of direction EPA can give the contractors, and (4) responsibilities for providing direction to contractors. After they have completed this seminar, participants will be able to more effectively interact with EPA's response contractors when they are mobilized to a major incident. Participants can use this seminar toward the continuing contracting education requirements of the Clinger-Cohen Act (the Maloney Bill requirement).

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