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May 22, 2024
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Nanotechnology - Superfund Site Remediation
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by Superfund Basic Research Program (SBRP), in collaboration with the U.S. EPA

The Superfund Basic Research Program (SBRP), in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), presents "Nanotechnology - Superfund Site Remediation." This seminar is part of a series covering the applications and implications of nanotechnology as it pertains to the National Superfund Program. The use of nanoscale materials (particles of matter < 100 nm) shows promise for improving the efficiency of current groundwater remediation approaches. Compared to microscale zero-valent iron, nanoscale zero-valent iron (or NZVI) has a higher reactivity for treating chlorinated solvents and may allow for more cost-effective delivery options. This seminar will focus on field studies where NZVI has been applied for groundwater remediation.

Marti Otto, Environmental Engineer (U.S. EPA's Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation), will describe field-scale and full-scale applications of NZVI. The talk will include background on the use of NZVI to address source areas in groundwater contaminated with chlorinated hydrocarbons focusing on the results of four study sites. Sources of additional information on the use of nanotechnology for site remediation will be provided.

Mary Logan, Remedial Project Manager (EPA Region 5), will report on the considerations that led to the selection of NZVI for the Nease Chemical Superfund Site in Ohio. In September 2005, U.S. EPA selected NZVI as a remedy for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in bedrock groundwater, particularly for the highly contaminated plume core. The remedy allows NZVI to be coupled with enhanced biological treatment if the iron alone is not sufficient to treat recalcitrant compounds. Bench and field-scale studies conducted in 2006 will be discussed and preliminary findings from the pilot study will be reported.

Jeff Heimerman (Associate Director, EPA OSRTI TIFSD) will moderate. This is the fourth seminar in the Risk-e-Learning Series "Nanotechnology - Applications and Implications for Superfund." Previous seminars aired on CLU-IN January 18, 2007, February 13, 2007, & March 15, 2007; audio recordings are available through the CLU-IN archives. For general information contact Larry Whitson by telephone at 919-794-4705
More information on this event is available, click here This link opens in a new window.

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