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May 20, 2024
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Innovative Air Monitoring at Landfills Using Optical Remote Sensing with Radial Plume Mapping
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by U.S. EPA

Landfill gas (LFG) emissions can be a large contributor to local air problems; and they are the largest source of methane emissions in the United States. EPA researchers will show how Optical Remote Sensing (ORS) and Radial Plume Mapping (RPM) can be used together to characterize LFG emissions, by using the example of ORS and RPM in action at a landfill demonstration in North Carolina. In addition to the lessons learned at this and other demonstration sites, this work has produced several research articles, a general method for characterization of emissions from non-point sources (OTM-10), and EPA guidance for evaluating LFG at closed and abandoned landfills. For general information contact Michael Adam by telephone at 703-603-9915
More information on this event is available, click here This link opens in a new window.

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