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March 2, 2024
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OSC/Support Personnel Radiation/Nuclear Response Course
Hosted by U.S. EPA

Course Description:
This course consists of a three-day training program that provides hands-on training with personal protective equipment (PPE), sampling and monitoring equipment, and how to set-up, walk through and operate a responder decontamination line. The course is 50% lecture, 50% exercise. The student will learn how to operate various types of USEPA monitoring/sampling radiation equipment, how to conduct surveys, how to locate sources, how to determine contaminated areas and how to determine work zones. The student will learn about DOT Transportation guidelines on radiological materials. The student will learn about the various types of clean-up technologies and current disposal mechanisms. The student will learn what the USEPAs delegated authorities are and how the Multi-agency IMT will operate. The student will have an interactive briefing on how to properly respond to an RDD or IND and will discuss the issues that will affect the initial responders. This course is a comprehensive course covering the threat of a dirty bomb/backpack nuclear device attack and how the USEPA OSC/Support Personnel will respond.

Course Objectives:
-Identify the current threat and common types of materials potentially used
-Explain the NRP and the delegation of authorities between DHS/DOE/EPA/USCG/FBI
-Explain the possible scenarios of a potential attack using a Dirty Bomb/IND and simulate a response
-Explain health effects and Dose Guidance/Stay Time Tables
-Explain hot/warm/cold zones, and decontamination lines for Level B/ C PPE
-Understand the survey and sampling equipment using field applications
-Explain assets within the different agencies that can be utilized
-Explain radiological sites, cleanup technologies, disposal practices
-Understand DOT Transportation regulations, placards, and TI indexes, etc.
-Become familiar with conducting survey work, locating sources, and sampling air
-Become prepared in responding to a radiological/nuclear incident

Intermediate-Advanced Level Expertise

Students need a basic level of radiation training including general radiation concepts/health effects/survey, or radiological site work experience.

Target Audience:
USEPA Contractors
USEPA Health Physicists or SHEMs
USCG Strike Team Personnel
DHS Agents/Haz-mat Team Personnel
State OSCs or radiological personnel
County or City radiological Personnel
This course is open to all federal agency personnel pending seat availability. For general information contact Nicolas Brescia by telephone at 214-665-2291 (Fax: 214-665-2278) or via e-mail at

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