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25 Years of Contaminated Land Management - Achievements and Work Still to Be Done, Panel 2: From Site Screening to Redevelopment, Progress in Every Step
Internet-based seminar

25 years ago several countries around the world were confronted with soil contamination as a 'new', but very real threat. They swung into action swiftly. A quarter century on two special sessions will reflect on what happened next, describe where we are now, and peek into the future. Panel 1 will generally concentrate on policy related issues, where panel 2 will give the rundown on the technical progress. The live audience for both these panels will be joined by additional participants via the Internet and by phone, for the first time in Consoil history.

Both sides of the Atlantic have experienced remarkable policy and technical advances over the past 25 years in the field of contaminated site management. "Command and Control" approaches to regulating cleanup have given way to flexible site specific decision making. Dig-and-haul solutions are superseded by in situ technologies that have reduced costs and expanded remediation and land use options to the point where a remedy fits a land use, or vice versa. Each of the presentations in this panel will serve to put these advances in perspective and provide insight on how they can best be considered at sites across the world.

For general information contact Carlos Pachon by telephone at 202-564-9117 or via e-mail at

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