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May 20, 2024
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Radiation Site Cleanup: CERCLA Requirements and Guidance
Internet-based seminar
Hosted by Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC)

The ITRC Radionuclides Team's "Determining Cleanup Goals at Radioactively Contaminated Sites: Case Studies" (RAD-2, April 2002) examines the factors influencing variations in cleanup level development at various radioactively contaminated sites and underscores the need for training to enhance consistency in remedy selection for radiological contaminants. Since most radioactively contaminated DOE and DOD sites are developing cleanup goals under CERCLA authority, there is a need for training that elaborates on the methodology used to select remedies under EPA's approach for CERCLA sites.

This training course has been collaboratively developed by the ITRC Radionuclides Team and EPA's Superfund Office to meet these needs. The focus of this training is EPA's guidance for remediating radioactively contaminated sites, which can facilitate cleanups that are consistent with how chemical contaminants are addressed, except where technical differences posed by radiation are addressed. In addition to cleanup and its associated guidance, this course introduces the participants to long term stewardship (LTS) challenges related to the large radioactively contaminated sites. This understanding of LTS issues is integral to the cleanup process and decisions made at the radiation sites. Course modules have the following specific purposes:

  • Module 1 - Radiation Regulatory Background and Case Studies: Provide an overview of the regulatory requirements for cleanup of radioactive waste
  • Module 2 & 3 - EPA CERCLA Radiation Requirements and Guidance: Explain EPA remedy selection policy, in particular those guidance documents and tools that address radioactively contaminated sites
  • Module 4 - Beyond Clean-up: Challenges of Long-Term Management of Radiation Sites: This module focuses on the challenges of long-term stewardship of large radiation sites, identified by the ITRC Radionuclides Team in their document "Issues of Long-Term Stewardship: State Regulators' Perspective" (RAD-3, July 2004)
For general information contact Mary Yelken by telephone at 402-325-9615 or via e-mail at

More information on this event is available, click here This link opens in a new window.

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