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May 30, 2024
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Oilfield Production Facility Training
Hosted by U.S. EPA Oil Program & NATCO

Target Audience:
SPCC Technical Workgroup Members. This course is open only to EPA staff and contractors.

Course Fee:
The normal class registration fee for EPA employees will be paid by Oil Program Headquarters; NOWCC staff and EPA contractors must cover their own fee ($325).

Course Description
This course is hosted by NATCO, a company that has manufactured oilfield equipment and provided industry training for many years. The course, officially entitled "Production Equipment Operation," is designed for students to develop a solid foundation and understanding of the construction and operation of oil field production processes, and oilfield process equipment in particular. Specifically, students will examine oilfield production operations located at the NATCO Education Center in Midland, Texas. NATCO has a sizeable facility in Midland that includes classrooms; laboratories with scaled working models of process equipment; and a complete, working oilfield production facility. Students will learn what happens to oil, gas, and water from the time they leave the reservoir to the time they are sold and enter the pipeline. Participants will be provided a manual and other instruction material.

This is not an EPA regulatory, statutory, or policy course.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is for all who have a need to know about oilfield production operations, but will be directed especially toward those involved in the SPCC/FRP program. Registration is limited to 30 spots. Priority will be given to SPCC Technical Workgroup Members, with remaining spots given on first come/first serve basis to others (OSCs, SPCC Inspectors, Enforcement, etc). After electronically submitting your registration information, please wait for a confirmation from Kristina Watts of your registration status before booking travel accommodations. For general information contact Kristina Watts by telephone at 301-913-0529 or via e-mail at

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Bullet  Midland, TX
  October 13, 2004 - October 15, 2004
Bullet  Midland, TX
  March 23, 2004 - March 25, 2004
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