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December 10, 2023
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RAF 101: Introduction to the RAF Suites of Contracts and the Integrated Project Team
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation

RAF 101: Introduction to the RAF Suites of Contracts and the Integrated Project Team is a two-day course designed to introduce EPA staff to the three Remedial Acquisition Framework (RAF) suites of contracts. The course covers the types of services available under RAF and the general program and project planning process for obtaining RAF services. The course highlights the roles and responsibilities of the Integrated Project Team (IPT) in planning for, awarding, and managing RAF task orders. The course describes the specific process for developing task order initiation packages and conducting the fair opportunity process for the different types of technical activities conducted under the three suites of contracts. By taking this course, participants will be better able to:

  • Describe the RAF program and RAF suites of contracts.
  • Adopt the program and project management processes under RAF.
  • Apply concepts covered in the course to awarding and managing task orders under RAF.

This course is recommended for staff from both the Superfund program and acquisitions who are new to the RAF suites of contracts and who will be involved in planning, awarding, and managing RAF task orders in either a leading or supporting role. RAF 101 uses a combination of lectures, interactive polls, SharePoint demonstrations, and exercises. Each delivery will be presented by experienced Superfund program and acquisitions staff, who will be able to interact with the participants and discuss how to navigate the RAF process successfully. The course will be presented over two consecutive days.

Important Notice: Due to the content presented during a CEC course and the restrictions in place for non-citizens to enter federal buildings, international attendees are not permitted to attend CEC courses.

For general information contact Jodi McCarty (ICF) by telephone at 773-934-3091 or via e-mail at

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