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May 22, 2024
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DuoDote® Kit / Nerve Agent Training
Hosted by U.S. EPA/ERTP


Attention EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs); Special Teams Members; Safety, Health and Environmental Management Program (SHEMP) managers; Removal Manager Branch Chiefs and Section Chiefs; and CWA Laboratory personnel/managers.

The Office of Emergency Management's Consequence Management Advisory Division (CMAD), in conjunction with the Office of Mission Support’s (OMS) Safety and Sustainability Division (SSD), will be providing one national training session for DuoDote® Nerve Agent Antidote kits.

During the class you will learn about: Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) (specifically Nerve Agents); how to recognize signs and symptoms of exposure to nerve agents; how to use, store, maintain, inspect, and dispose of the DuoDote® Auto-Injectors; the principals of the buddy system; notifications; and how/when to (and when not to) administer the antidote.

The class will be a mixture of lecture, video, and you will then be directed to FedTalent to take a quiz to receive credit for mastering the course materials. All passing grades will be entered into the Field Readiness Module (FRM) by SSD.



In accordance with CERCLA and Stafford Act requirements, EPA OSCs, Special Teams, and Emergency Response personnel have the potential to respond to terrorist activities and/or organophosphate pesticide manufacturing facility incidents. These kinds of responses may include potential organophosphate or chemical warfare agent exposures. Additionally, EPA operates CWA laboratories for the analysis of environmental samples with unknown concentrations of CWA materials. Therefore, the EPA maintains a stockpile of DuoDote® Kits available for use at the CWA laboratories and for OSC/Special Team members, however, the authorized use of a DuoDote® kit is strictly limited to those EPA personnel who have had training (annual requirement) on “self‐administration” and “buddy administration".

For general information contact Environmental Response Training Program-Health and Safety (ERTP-H&S) via e-mail at ertp-h&

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