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May 22, 2024
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Advancing Your Virtual Meetings
Hosted by U.S. EPA
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Center (CPRC)

Are you leading more virtual meetings than ever? Led by facilitation and conflict management experts Rachel Aronson and Joy Juelson from Triangle Associates, this training is geared toward improving communication and mitigating conflicts more efficiently in virtual environments. It will cover a variety of topics, including behind-the-scenes preparation, interactive techniques and tools to keep participants engaged, and trust-building techniques that work best in a virtual environment.
The training will include a variety of topics about how better to handle:

  1. What behind-the-scenes preparation do you need for successful virtual meetings?
  2. How can you address the digital divide and social equity barriers when hosting virtual meetings?
  3. What are some interactive techniques and tools to keep meeting participants engaged during virtual meetings?
  4. What conflict resolution and trust-building techniques work best in the virtual environment?
  5. How to properly leverage the chosen technology platform?
For general information contact Gina Cerasani by telephone at 202-564-0838 or via e-mail at

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