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Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions: Developing Conceptual Site Models of Organism Exposures in Hyporheic Systems
Hosted by EPA Region 10 and the EPA Ground Water Forum

This training workshop will present an overview of the relationships and interactions between groundwater and surface water bodies, giving participants a greater understanding of potential exposure scenarios. Discussions will focus on developing effective conceptual site models and how to collect useful data from the hyporheic zone, with case study examples. The training will end with a panel discussion and direction to EPA resources.

The workshop will be open to local participants live-broadcast via webinar and recorded for future playback. In addition, workshop support staff will take notes to help identify topics to explore in future training and research.

We anticipate components of this workshop will be of high interest to federal, state, tribal, and university staff, particularly hydrogeologists, ecologists, risk assessors, Remedial Project Managers, National Environmental Policy Act project reviewers, tribal specialists, those involved with underground storage tanks, as well as EPA Superfund and Technology Liaisons, EPA Regional Science Liaisons, EPA Ground Water Forum members, EPA Regional Science Councils.

For questions related to workshop content, contact
Ted Repasky, EPA R10,
206-553-1200 x0651

For questions about registration, contact
Cindy Frickle, EPA HQ,

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