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May 22, 2024
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Remedial Action (RA): Planning, Competing and Administering Task Orders Under the EPA Remedial Acquisition Framework (RAF) Contracts
Hosted by U.S. EPA

This course is a training and practical applications course that provides a comprehensive overview and instruction of how to plan, compete, an introduction of how to administer RA task orders under the Remediation Environmental Services (RES) suite of RAF contracts.

By taking the course, participants will achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the importance of determining the RA project delivery strategy early in the remedial design. The design contractor develops the technical requirements for the RA including the plans and specifications. As such, optimal execution of the design and preparation for the remedial action requires the EPA to communicate design specificity needs, schedule, and funding constraints with the design contractor to ensure the final design comports with EPA’s RA project delivery strategy.
  • Learn how to develop a RA project delivery strategy. The course discusses how to determine the most optimal project delivery for an RA project with a focus on comprehensive and thorough project planning. This course will highlight the importance of assembling and project team include EPA and external resources and expertise. Additionally, the course discusses the continued use of risk identification and management to develop project requirements, considers the use of performance based acquisition approaches, and determine the most appropriate procurement approach and task order type based on these factors.
  • Understand how to consider project-specific needs when completing the RES Task Order Initiation Form. The course focuses on the elements of the task order initiation form that are critical in project-specific planning. Specifically, this course will explain small business set aside opportunities, how the use the key personnel contract clause, and how to assemble technical evaluation factors based on selected procurement approach and key project needs.
  • Develop an awareness of the steps and time necessary to conduct RES fair opportunity. The course discusses the RES fair opportunity process and provides lessons learned and best management practices for review boards.
  • Gain introductory knowledge of how to administer RA task orders under RES. This course discusses task order administration with an overview on the process and requirements for task order amendments, invoice review and approval, and how to evaluate contractor performance.
  • Apply the knowledge gained during the course. Participants are encouraged to attend their course with their project team and bring an actual RA project to the course. Participants will take part in several breakout sessions that will provide them an opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge to their RA project.

This course is a 3-day course and is designed for RPMs, program support staff and management, and contracting officers who will be planning and competing a RA task order in the next twelve months. THIS COURSE IS NOT OPEN TO ACADEMIA, OTHER FEDERAL AGENCIES, STATES, TRIBEs, CONSULTANTS, CONTRACTORS, OR ANY PRIVATE ENTITIES. It is strongly encouraged that all attendees be knowledgeable on the basics of RAF and have preferably taken RAF 101.

*This course is offered free of charge to all registrants who are confirmed to attend.*

Important Notice: Due to the content presented during a CEC course and the restrictions in place for non-citizens to enter federal buildings, international attendees are not permitted to attend CEC courses.

For general information contact Jodi McCarty (ICF) by telephone at 773-934-3091 or via e-mail at

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