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June 7, 2023
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Waters of the United States
Hosted by Northwest Environmental Training Center

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a final rule defining the scope of waters protected under the Clean Water Act… The rule will ensure protection for the nation’s public health and aquatic resources, and increase CWA program predictability and consistency by clarifying the scope of ‘‘waters of the United States’’ protected under the Act…This rule is effective on August 28, 2015.”
- The Final Clean Water Rule, USEPA
**This course will be presented online as a live webinar in three 2-hour sessions. Sessions will be recorded and will be available to all enrolled attendees. All paid registrants will receive a certificate of completion of 0.6 CEU's**
All sessions will be from 10 a.m.-noon Pacific (11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mountain) (noon to 2 p.m. Central) and (1-3 p.m. Eastern).
Group discounts are available. Please call 425-270-3274 ext 103 for more information.
Waters of the United States have been defined and redefined by statute, by regulations, and by judicial rulings. With each rule-making, federal jurisdiction, and many states’ and local jurisdictions of waters and wetlands have been significantly altered. Most commonly, the definition is used at various levels of government to define the limits Clean Water Act programs, most commonly for the NPDES (Section 402) and Dredge and Fill Permits (Section 404), but the definitions are also used in a variety of other programs which affect, or may affect water quality.
The most recent changes, promulgated by the US EPA, are an attempt to clarify which waters are regulated by these programs, based on past rulings, but keeping with the intent of the Clean Water Act “to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Nation’s waters”
This six-hour webinar will review and explain changes and clarifications in the newest regulations, and will also discuss potential challenges to these regulations. Discussions will cover how these regulations affect the different regulatory programs. The topic of “significant nexus” and other points of discretion will be examined with potential interpretations being important aspects of the class.
During this informative webinar, Instructor Larry Lodwick will review the significant changes contained in the rule, highlight some things that have NOT changed, and answer questions from participants regarding specific situations.
If you are planning to attend the session and have a question about the rule, please email your question to with “Waters of the United States Question” in the subject at least one week before the first session of the webinar. Larry will integrate reoccurring questions into the course material, and address relevant issues during the session, time permitting.e of the techniques used in topics discussed above can also be used to monitor site cleanup, particularly those sites being remediated by natural attenuation.
Intended Audience:
The topics and discussion in this webinar are designed to Environmental Consultants, Wetland Scientists, Land Planners, and Public Works Personnel.
Anyone working with water quality, wetlands, wetlands management, permitting and/or delineation of wetlands, or who deals with NPDES/Stormwater management regulations will benefit from this course.

For general information contact Lenore Rooney by telephone at (425) 270-32 , Ext. 103 or via e-mail at

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