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May 22, 2024
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United States Army Corp of Engineers 30-Hour Construction Safety Course
Hosted by U.S. EPA - Region 4
Superfund Division

This course is designed to provide the USACE equivalent of the OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety Certification for field personnel that have construction safety and health responsibilities. Course provides information relative to the Corps Safety and Health Requirements Manual, EM 385-1-1 and pertinent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) construction standards.

This course will cover through lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and case studies, the major aspects of the Corps of Engineers construction safety and health program. Using extensive construction safety backgrounds, instructor staff will discuss and examine prudent application of EM 385-1-1 to construction field settings and problem areas. Safety topics covered during these sessions will include the following:

(a) construction safety management;
(b) trenching and excavation;
(c) rigging and mechanized equip;
(d) fall protection;
(e) scaffolding and access;
(f) occupational health requirements;
(g) confined space entry;
(h) hand and power tools;
(i) temporary electrical service;
(j) control of hazardous energy;
(k) activity hazard analyses;
(l) contractor safety submittals;
(m) welding and cutting;
(n) QA/QC - safety relationship;
(o) contractual safety requirements; and
(p) Corps/OSHA relationships.

Participants will gain an overall understanding of the various elements that comprise a successful construction safety program and be provided current state-of-art safety technology and methodology as it relates to the Corps of Engineers. Upon successful completion, students will receive a USACE 30-hour construction safety certification.

For general information contact Kevin Eichinger, OSC by telephone at 404-562-8268 or via e-mail at

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