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Event Details

General Information
Event Name: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) 24-Hour Training course (Virtual)
Topic: Internet Based Live Online 24 Hour HAZWOPER
Event Description:

This 3-day course is designed for workers on site only occasionally for a specific limited task unlikely to be exposed over permissible exposure limits, or regularly on a site working in areas which have been monitored and fully characterized, and where respirators and wearing elevated protection levels of PPE are not necessary. It provides the basic information needed to meet the 24-hour training requirements of the OSHA 1910.120(e)(3)( ...  [more]

Event Host:ERTP/Environmental Response Training Program
Additional Information:


This course is presented in an online virtual instructor-led platform to address the course training needs consistent with the COVID-19 March 15, 2020 OMB guidance (OMB M-20-15) issued for the National Capital Region and updated information provided.

This class is scheduled from 8AM to 5PM Central Time Zone on December 12-14, 2023.  Class participation details will be provided to Trainex enrolled/registered participants for this course through receipt of a separate Outlook calendar event invitation. 

Class participation details:

  1. Trainex website registrations- All course enrollment registrations for this course will occur at
  2. Receipt of Outlook calendar event email- Upon ERTP’s receipt of the participants site class registration, the participant will receive an Outlook calendar email from:  ertp-h&
  3. Together completion of items 1) and 2) above completes the course registration  process.  It is the course participants responsibility  to carefully review the initial calendar invite received and follow directions provided, as well as monitor incoming updated  Outlook calendar event emails that identify changes or updated information for the course logistics, participant requirements, and/or other information.  For registered participants only, training participation instructions will be provided thru receipt of emailed Outlook calendar event updates several days prior to the course start date. 

Full attendance, participations in interactive quizzes and polls, and answering 75% of the test questions are required to receive the course completion certificate.

*****IMPORTANT:  ERTP’s receipt of a Trainex course registration is a Registration Request, it is not a Guaranteed Enrollment in the Course. All ERTP training courses require applicant registration thru the Trainex system.  Last minute course arrivals without prior ERTP Trainex course registration approval is not permitted.  Before ERTP issues final approval to deliver any course and/or any EPA offices incurring expenses for the training event (including but not limited to EPA staff travel TA’s and/or ERTP training contractor expenses incurred), all EPA mandatory pre-approvals must all be met. The pre-approvals include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Training location’s availability;
  • COVID status and/or other COVID Guidelines in effect for the location, as well as staff;
  • Agency limitations, scrutiny, and approvals of ‘Conference Spending Requirements (known as the “5170”)’ for the specific training course(s) scheduled delivery timeframe;
  • Weather (blizzard, hurricane, etc);
  • Contractual number of available course training slots;
  • EPA training location staff having priority registration over all other registrations; and/or
  • Hosting site Training Coordinator approval.

In the event a course is subsequently postponed or canceled, or notification of registration cancellation is received, all EPA travel arrangements (airline/car rental/hotel) should be canceled in a timely manner. Registered students will receive a notification via email if/when a course is postponed and/or cancelled.

Notice:For in-person course deliveries, confirmed course registered participants must abide by all facility physical access requirements for the location (examples: check-in at the security gate, Federal ID, Government PIV/CAC cards, photo id’s, etc.).  If applicable for the course or location, restrictions may apply to non-citizens and acceptable identification may be required for facility entry.  Unless otherwise specified, ERTP TRAINING IS GENERALLY NOT OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL ATTENDEES, ACADEMIA, CONTRACTORS, CONSULTANTS OR OTHER PRIVATE ENTITIES.

Registration Status: Completed
Event Begins: December 12, 2023 at 8:00 AM Central
Event Ends: December 14, 2023 at 5:00 PM Central
For questions about this event, please contact: Kendra Mask
Phone: 214-665-7225
This event will be held at: Internet Based
Live Online Class, Internet Based


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