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June 171, 2024  
National Association of Remedial Project Managers (NARPM) Training Program


The 2019 National Association of Remedial Project Managers (NARPM) Training Program was held Monday, August 26, 2019 through Friday, August 30, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois at the Palmer House Hilton hotel. The Federal Facilities Technical Support Project (TSP) Forum and Contaminated Sediment Forum held their business meetings in conjunction with the 2019 NARPM Training Program.

For EPA Attendees - A site-specific project code has been assigned to the 2019 NARPM Training Program and must be entered on your travel authorization (TA) or travel voucher. The project code for the 2019 training program is MM757202. For information on entering the project code on your TA or travel voucher, please visit the Travel page and select the Travel Authorization tab. EPA attendees must also attach a copy of their approved SF-182. For additional information on the SF-182, please visit the Travel page.

This year NARPM is offered 40 training courses and sessions. You can also view the program agenda and specific information about each training course and session.