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April 21, 2015
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Streaming Session Registration

To begin your registration request, please enter your e-mail address below. Please be sure to provide a valid e-mail address. We will be sending session participation links and instructions via e-mail in mid-July.

There is no cost to participate in the streamed sessions.

We suggest that if more than one person from your office/physical area is interested in participating in the streamed sessions that one person take the lead and assemble all participants in a common location (conference room or auditorium) with an internet connection (wired connections are preferred over wireless internet connections), a computer, a speaker phone, and a projector.

Please Note: 

  • You may register to participate in the streamed sessions in addition to physically attending the training conference. To attend the conference in person, you must register separately on the conference website. Registering for online streamed sessions does not automatically register you to physically attend the training conference and vice versa.
  • Your registration for the online streamed session(s) you select reserves you a spot for the session(s). Instructions for how to participate in your selected session(s) will be sent out in mid-July.
  • Please contact Catherine Sims ( or 301-589-5318) for troubleshooting support in submitting your registration. Any questions about the streamed sessions can be directed to Laura Knudsen ( or 703-603-8861).

Registration for the streaming sessions is closed.